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align: image alignment

this module is an implementation of Johannes Hanika, Lorenzo Tessari, and Carsten Dachsbacher, Fast temporal reprojection without motion vectors, Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques, 2021. it can be useful to align consecutive frames in real-time renders, as well as to stack hand-held short exposure photography for low-light or hdr.

please note that it only aligns images of same exposure, since it directly compares pixel values by difference. in particular it cannot be used to merge exposure bracketing stacks at this point. take several underexposed images at the same exposure level instead.


plus debug channels


the parameters are as described in the paper.


noisy input vs. aligned and denoised:

denoise pre-demosaic without alignment:

denoise post-demosaic without alignment:

align and denoise post-demosaic:

denoise individual inputs and align then:

denoise individual inputs and align then vs. single-image pre-demosaic denoise:

align and denoise post-demosaic vs. single-image post-demosaic denoise:

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