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svgf: spatiotemporal variance guided filtering

denoise real time rendering input corrupted by monte carlo noise.

this module follows the paper Schied, Kaplanyan, Chaitanya, Burgess, Dachsbacher, and Lefohn: Spatiotemporal Variance-Guided Filtering: Real-Time Reconstruction for Path-Traced Global Illumination, HPG 2017.

the pipeline is as follows. on the input is a buffer with albedo-demodulated irradiance and the albedo comes in separately. the noisy irradiance goes through a pre-blend pass, which merges previous samples into one buffer. this is controlled by a blendweight parameter lalpha and samples are rejected based on depth and normal difference. next, the still-noisy buffer is passed through 4 iterations of edge avoiding a trous wavelets. the edges are determined as in the original paper, but we compute variance slightly differently (filter the moments, not the standard deviation). the denoised output is then undergoing albedo modulation (denoised irradiance and albedo buffers are multiplied) and combined with the same from the last frame via taa with box clamping.



April 2024