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quake: play the 1996 id software game

this input node cannibalises quakespasm to read quake input geometry and textures. the data is sent to vulkan ray tracing kernels. you can try vkdt examples/quake.cfg to test it. requires a bluenoise input texture, see below. also it assumes that you have the original game data installed in /usr/share/games/quake/. this module is optional, you need to have compiled with VKDT_USE_QUAKE=1, see config.mk.defaults.

for added fun, you may want to install the excellent arcane dimensions mod. it installs additional pak files to /usr/share/games/ad. for more detailed textures, get the hd textures from the quake revitalisation project. place these in the /usr/share/games/ad subdirectory too, use consecutive numbers in the pak filenames. i don't know how these interact with the newfangled re-release of quake, so be sure to use the original game paks from your 1996 cdrom in your drawer. to run arcane dimensions, use the examples/ad.cfg file.


the rendering core implements guided importance sampling as described in the paper
Markov Chain Mixture Models for Real-Time Direct Illumination.
Dittebrandt et al., CGF (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering), 42(4), 2023.

cli operation

if you run this through the cli, be sure to pass --audio (before the --output option), since the audio callback does gamelogic stuff (worldspawn) that can only be done outside the video graph processing.

for instance, render to jpg image and only output the last frame:

vkdt cli --last-frame-only -g examples/quake.cfg --audio quake.aud --format o-jpg \
  --output main --config frames:40 fps:24

or, to render out a video directly:

vkdt cli -g examples/quake.cfg --format o-ffmpeg --filename qu.vid --audio qu.aud \
  --output main --config frames:3000 fps:24
ffmpeg -i qu.vid_0001.h264 -f s16le -sample_rate 44100 -channels 2  -i qu.aud \
  -c:v copy quake.mp4

(add -r 60 before -ito resample for different frame rate) (replace -c:v copy by -vcodec libx264 -crf 27 -preset veryfast for compression)

you probably want to use the svgf module to remodulate the albedo and apply temporal anti aliasing after this module.


these are taken with the hd textures and the ad mod, using an rtx 2080ti device.

e1m2 end ad_tears



February 2024